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Scheduled: December 1, 2023

Map #4

We’re delighted to tease a special surprise coming soon for our valued subscribers and NFT holders. The details are still a secret, but rest assured, it’s an extraordinary reward that we’re eager to unveil.


Eligibility Criteria for the Mystery Prize


To qualify for this unique prize, please ensure the following:

  1. Must be on our client list to recieve my FREE eBook: Be sure to stay on list. If you’re not subscribed yet, join now to get the latest updates and special offers.
  2. One Year of NFT Holding: This prize is a token of appreciation for our long-term NFT holders. If you’ve held one of our NFTs for over a year, you’re already in line for the prize.
  3. Complete Maps 1-3: Crucially, Maps 1-3 must be completed before the announcement of this special prize. This step is vital to show your active involvement and progress in our journey.

We highly appreciate the dedication and support of our community members. This surprise is one of the many ways we aim to show our gratitude and enhance your experience with us.

Keep an eye out for the grand reveal – it’s definitely going to be a memorable moment!

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