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Scheduled: September 1, 2023

Exclusive Giveaway: Unlock Your Path to Success


We’re delighted to offer an exclusive opportunity to our esteemed subscribers.


Prize Options: NFT or Online Business Blueprint


One fortunate recipient will have the choice of claiming an exclusive NFT or receiving a comprehensive online business blueprint. The online business blueprint prize can be provided as a gift card or transferred as funds to your crypto wallet, both designed to empower your journey.


Activation Trigger: ETH Floor Price Milestone

  • This exceptional prize will be unlocked once all items priced at 1 ETH have found their new owners, signifying a significant milestone in our journey.

Eligibility Criteria: Ensuring Your Participation

  • To participate in this extraordinary giveaway, it’s essential to remain an active subscriber throughout the duration of the event. Additionally, a valid crypto wallet will be required to claim your reward.

Important Note: Illustrative Images

  • The images provided are for illustrative purposes only, showcasing the caliber of offerings in this exclusive giveaway.

Exclusive to NFT Purchasers: Supercharge Your Chances

  • Exclusively for our NFT purchasers, we’re boosting your winning odds by adding 50 raffle tickets for each ETH spent, providing an extra edge.

Please Note: This Giveaway is Exclusively for NFT Purchasers

  • This exclusive opportunity is reserved solely for our valued NFT purchasers, further enhancing the rewards for your commitment.
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