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Jennifer Velasquez

Jennifer Velasquez

Qhht Practitioner Level 2

Quantum Healing is a deep meditation that allows information and knowledge to come through. A Practitioner will help you explore and bring to the surface your unique journey and message/s. Our experiences whether past lives, present life all have an impact on how we see and experience this world. Even symptoms, illness and emotional struggles are messages for us to interpret and understand. Limitations and fear are only illusions of our mind. I’m located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Be ready in heart and mind; by setting that intention you allow all possibilities to be shown.

“To change perspective one must have full understanding of all possibilities”

Session Fees

A non-refundable deposit of $75. is required to book appointment and will go towards session cost.

First session $325. Duration between 2-5 hours

Continuing sessions $ 225. Duration 2-3 hours

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