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I’m proud to call California my home, where I spent my childhood alongside my mother and three siblings. My journey into the world of art began at a young age of eight when I first held a pencil in my hand. It was a moment that left an indelible mark, igniting a passion that would shape my entire life. As the years passed, I dedicated myself to honing my artistic skills and eventually ventured into the intricate world of tattooing. My motivation was simple yet profound: I wanted to share my deep love for portraiture with the world.


However, life had other plans for me. I faced a formidable challenge when I was struck by psoriatic arthritis, a relentless autoimmune disease that targeted my hand. It cruelly robbed me of the natural high that creating art had always provided. To cope with the pain and fill the void, I found myself in a battle against addiction.


Yet, even in the face of these trials, my burning desire to be an artist refused to be extinguished. I was fortunate to be surrounded by resilient and compassionate individuals, many of whom had overcome their own adversities and had emerged as accomplished tattoo artists. Among them, I discovered a second family where judgment had no place—a rare and invaluable sanctuary.


Art, I firmly believe, has the power to touch and uplift every soul it reaches. Witnessing the rich tapestry of artistic expressions from diverse individuals fills me with boundless joy. This profound belief led me to create TattooArtBestOnlyBlog, a project initially designed to support fellow tattoo artists while reigniting my own artistic passion.


While formal education was not my initial choice, I came to realize its pivotal role in enhancing my project. Over time, my aversion to traditional schooling transformed into a newfound enthusiasm. I eagerly delved into various art forms, including Graphic Designing, Photography, Illustrator, Photoshop, Logos, Painting, and more. With each skill acquired, the joy I once felt for art returned, shaping the vision for the project we now know as the “World of Fine Art.”


I’m a firm believer that art possesses the remarkable power to evoke positive emotions, and every artist is a unique conduit, radiating love and purpose for the greater good. My guiding mantra, “Spread Joy through Inspiration,” encapsulates this belief.


If this vision resonates with you, I warmly invite you to join the “World of Fine Art” today. Whether you choose to acquire your NFT or simply subscribe to our email list to receive my FREE EBOOK as a stepping stone on your journey, together, we can cultivate “Vision” and “Unity.”


I invite you to embark on this journey with me in our quest for financial freedom, artistic expression, and an enhanced quality of life through the “World of Fine Art.” Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities on the path to success.

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    Transparent Business Practices: Building Trust with You

    "Transparency is at the core of our values. We are committed to maintaining open, honest, and straightforward communication with our community regarding all aspects of our company's operations."

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    Our Team: Craftsmen of Excellence, Architects of Quality

    "We are a team of seasoned professionals, renowned for our strong work ethic and exceptional artistic talent. Our unwavering dedication is focused on discovering products that enhance and enrich lives."

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    Guardians of Confidentiality: Safeguarding Your Information

    Committed to Ensuring the Privacy and Security of All Information.

Dedication Rewarded: Enter to Win Our Grand Prize – One Lucky Winner

Unlocking the Grand Prize: A Reward for Our Dedicated NFT Holders


At World of Fine Art, we believe in recognizing and rewarding loyalty within our community. As our profits grow, we are excited to announce a future grand prize giveaway that will be exclusively for our valued NFT holders.


Eligibility Criteria


To participate in this grand prize event, you must meet the following criteria:


NFT Holder: You must have held one of our NFTs for more than a year, showcasing your long-standing commitment to our art collection.


Subscriber: You must be an active subscriber at the time of the drawing, ensuring you stay connected with our community.


Valid Crypto Wallet: You must possess a valid crypto wallet at the time of the drawing to receive your grand prize if you win.


Please note that the grand prize is still a mystery, dependent on World of Fine Art NFT profits and will be announced at a later date. Holding a valid crypto wallet remains essential to eligibility.


This grand prize giveaway is our way of expressing gratitude to our dedicated supporters and sharing the success of World of Fine Art with those who have been with us on this incredible journey. Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we look forward to celebrating your loyalty in style.



"Myself: The Sole Team Member

"Passion is the compass that will lead you to your true happiness." -Brian Velasquez

Brian Velasquez

Founder/CEO of World of Fine Art / Freelance Digital Marketer / Affiliate Marketing / Graphic Designer / Portrait Realism Artist

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